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Native American Jewelry. A large part of being an independent artist is problem solving. So I am confident that no matter what curveball may get thrown at us on this project, the worst it will do is slow us down. But it will not stop us. The full color graphic novel in digital form.

Approximately pages. But it could be longer. We're not sure yet. But it won't be less. The page full color graphic novel in supple softcover and shipped to your door. Yeah, old school buddy! ALSO get an 11x17 page of original art from the graphic novel. The print will be mailed to you with the graphic novel. You'll pick any comic book character and Fernando will do a print for you.

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This includes writing, inking, coloring, and lettering. Mar 29, - May 3, 35 days.

Long Ago, Far Away

Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Long Ago and Far Away. As a child Jason saved Elvenwood from the Witch-Queen. Now he is a depressed 30 with a dead end job. But his help is needed once again. Buy on ComiXology! Peggy's office is just as he remembers it. Simple and utilitarian. The same picture of him on her desk, his own gaunt features and scrawny limbs dressed in a baggy shirt and camouflage uniform.

He vaguely remembers the days of clothing that never fit and limbs too uncoordinated to climb rope. It felt like a lifetime ago. It's dark, and that's to be expected. That was the point; he'd needed the cover of night to sneak back into the base. Steve had planned it a hundred different ways.

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He'd slip in, he'd wait; he'd stay until morning. Hide in the ventilation shafts, or in the nook beside the filing cabinet, or in a closet, or behind the door.

He'd keep one hand on the watch so he could vanish at the first sign he'd been spotted. She didn't have to see him; he just needed to see her. One last time. If she did see him, even for just a moment, he could snap out before the truth had even registered. An early morning mirage; the barest edge of a dream, not even fully realized before he was gone. He imagined the look on her face in the split second before he went. He could see the shock, the awe, the disbelief that might turn to joy or fear or maybe anger.

He thought about all the ways it might go wrong, and all the ways he needed it to go right. But in all the ways Steve imagined it could happen, he never considered she might be waiting for him. She gave him enough time to open and shut the door; enough time to look up and see her and freeze into shocked, horrified stillness. Then she spoke. His brain had shorted out somewhere; he couldn't force it to translate words to his mouth.

She was sitting in the shadows beside the desk. There was a pen at right angles to her seat. A pad of paper turned over, an unfilled mug at the corner. She had her hands folded neatly over one knee, crossed atop the other. She looked at him, and there was a very faint tremble at the corner of her lips, in spite of all her best efforts to press them stern and flat. Steve probably wouldn't have seen it, except that he was looking for it, because the knuckles of both her hands were white and bloodless with tension.

Peggy blinked slowly at him, obviously considering how much she wanted to say.

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You were on the base yesterday. Steve closed his eyes. It had taken them the better part of a week in the future to pick out the most likely location to return the Tesseract. Tony hadn't been able to tell them exactly which storage unit he'd taken it from. He'd died before —. Part of a week, and upon arrival Steve had still needed another day to avoid all the extra security personnel in place.

Pym particles were apparently a hot commodity; their theft had sent the entire base into a swarming frenzy of alarms and lockdowns and battalions of armed patrols. It was a lot of trial and error and two harrowing near-misses before Steve was able to successfully put the Tesseract back in its storage container maybe — hopefully — the right one. It had been foolish to stay longer. And I'm afraid you'll find escaping from this base quite a bit more difficult today than you did yesterday. Steve stopped, considering that with some surprise.

Peggy's expression didn't change, her eyes remaining sharp and watchful. I think accomplishing that task would require specific skills which I'm certain I don't want to leave in the wrong hands. And why are you wearing the face of a national hero who —". Steve took another step toward her and suddenly she had a gun up and pointing at him, serious with grim and deadly intent.