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Who even took your CAR?

TV presenter and stylish supper club guru Laura Jackson shows Kate and Sophie round the work in progress of her forever home. As well as the horror stories, there's invaluable advice on sourcing Here Kate and Sophie explain why they suppor…. Are you a thwarted maximalist?

The Great Indoors - Guild Summary

Sophie and Kate tackle the extreme trends and how to approach them if you just aren't feeling it. Plus there's an update on the DoLessHarm sustainable interiors directory and a luscious….

Do join in live-tweeting at designcrimes. Sophie and Kate reveal some startling stats about home happiness from the Why does she like to get into an empty bath? And why is she building a soft play centre in her sitting room? The original Interiors Queen welcomes Kate and Sophie into her epically lush pad.

Let's hope there isn't ….

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The Great Indoors

Fish-out-of-water sitcoms, classic as they are, usually rely on an amount of give and take. By the end, the hero realizes something special about his or her new environment, even making a few friends along the way. The Great Indoors is a show that somehow feels venomous and toothless at the same time. It lobs insult after insult at its chosen target—the over-coddled, under-skilled, internet-obsessed twenty-somethings taking over offices today—but without any great insight, and in service of no larger point.

CBS has always been a network that skews toward a slightly older audience, and with The Great Indoors it has matched subject and format perfectly. This is a hilariously staid, old-school, laugh-track sitcom about a man whose only purpose is to grit his teeth and gripe about young people. That show made fun of the fish-out-of-water concept and took every opportunity to subvert and comment on old sitcom tropes.

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Jack Gordon is a Bear Grylls type, a magazine reporter famed for his outdoor exploits and round-the-world adventuring. But, times are changing, the print industry is collapsing as everyone helpfully repeats throughout the pilot episode and so he must return to the company office to work with a bunch of bloggers straight out of college.