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Of course, I want students to suggest green because the green light at the end of the Buchanan's dock is a significant symbol in the novel. The buoy in question 3 is mentioned in chapter 1 to suggest how sedentary and relaxed Daisy and Jordan are in the Buchanan living room. The wedding cake reference in question 4 creates a fluffy, saccharine atmosphere. After students have a chance to answer the anticipation guide individually, I randomly call on students to offer their answers in a whole-class discussion.

I also solicit other interpretations and reasons from the class. This segment dates back to the first lesson Art of Interpretation. My objective is for students to hear other interpretations other than their own. Additionally, students are assigned one vocabulary word from a list of words for the first half of the novel. The vocabulary list has words on one side and definitions and other information on the other.

Students will find their word in the novel as we read and determine the meaning through context. To reinforce the meanings of words, I will instruct students to create flashcards of all words by writing the word and definition on one side of the flashcard. They also include the connotative meaning of the word or what the word sounds like as related to its definition.

The also provide a synonym and antonym, and they use it in a sentence.

Lesson Plans for Week 1

On the other side of the flashcard, students create a graphic representation of the word's meaning. This assignment is done for homework. I chose the selected words based on those words that I thought students would have trouble with.

Some words are indicative of early twentieth century vocabulary: words such as rotogravure and rivulets. Students will be assigned an active reading reporter role.

gatsby lesson plan (chapter 1 nick carraway) | The Great Gatsby | Narration

These roles consist of the following:. Each reporter will also be assigned to a group. I hope you found this blog post helpful! As a reminder, you can find all of the activities mentioned here in my Gatsby bundle! Next up in the series is how I teach Chapters , so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, drop a comment below with your favorite activities and lessons for Chapters I would love to hear your ideas for teaching The Great Gatsby!

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Thank you for all of the clever and fun ideas!! You are so talented! I am currently engulfed in your Great Gatsby unit and hoping to adopt some of your ideas this year. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. About Home Join my Teacher Club! Before reading, I show my students a documentary on the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I use these to check to be sure my students are completing their reading assignments. English Language Arts , Literature.

Examinations - Quizzes , Assessment , Novel Study. It includes excerpts from chapter 1 of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic, The Great Gatsby. This test is aligned with both PARCC and the common core state standards and elicits application of skills associated with inferencing, using context.

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Examinations - Quizzes , Test Prep , Assessment. DOC word documents. The first quiz covers chapters 1 to 3. The second quiz covers chapters And the third quiz covers. English Language Arts , Reading. This test is a simple way to assess students' understanding of Chapters 1 to 4 of The Great Gatsby. Worksheets , Assessment , Novel Study. Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Quiz. This checks for student understanding of the first chapter of The Great Gatsby. It is my way of holding students accountable to their nightly reading homework.

This worksheet will help students practice the essential skill of determining vocabulary in context using key passages from Chapter 1 of F. This 2-page worksheet includes 5 key excerpts. English Language Arts , Vocabulary , Literature.

The Great Gatsby Life Lesson

Worksheets , Novel Study , Graphic Organizers. This activity both promotes active reading talking to the text and requires students to make inferences about Gatsby's character based on the last two paragraphs of the first chapter. Reading , Literature , Close Reading. Bring the first chapter of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby to life by performing a readers' theater version of Nick's visit to the Buchanans' East Egg mansion. The script begins with Nick's arrival at Tom and Daisy's house and concludes at the end of the chapter. Novel Study , Scripts. Test your students' knowledge of the first chapter of F.

Teaching The Great Gatsby

Written in summary form, students complete the blanks based on clues provided. This activity can be used as a quiz, class activity, bell ringer, or homework ass. Worksheets , Activities , Assessment. When it's time to start The Great Gatsby, you'll need some lessons to get you going at the beginning of the novel. I like to start the unit focusing on both color symbolism and the way Fitzgerald establishes the gender roles in Chapter 1.

Next, we work through several exercises in comparison and c. Literature , Writing-Essays , Close Reading.

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