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It plays along fairly well for a good part of the story but then completely falls apart when the writer somehow thought a clever surprise ending was appropriate. Not that I have anything against surprise endings. In short radio dramas like these, they are very useful tools, when they are done in a clever way. Certainly worth a listen, but nothing memorable.

Reviews: Very good.

Vault Finds The Plot #1 in September, For Annual Horror Event, Nightfall

This is an excellent chiller, which doesn't telegraph its ending. But still it's great, with Nightfall's attention to characterization and music evident. Reviews: Pretty cool, though the "hypnosis" angle was a bit much. A lesser episode, but certainly not bad. The hypnotist himself was entertaining.

Such a swine. Reviews: Not one of the most exciting shows of the series, but still worth your time. Save this one for after you have heard the better of the Nightfall shows. Reviews: This is not a good listen. Characters are not interesting, the story is dull and overall nothing held my attention. One of the weaker shows in this series. Reviews: Nice, little ghost story. Not one of the best, but a nice way to spend 30 minutes. Reviews: An extremely scary supernatural thriller. Although the ending was fairly obvious from the second flashback on up, "Child's Play" still left a few questions unanswered, such as, who, or what were the spectral children being seen, and heard outside the house?

I only hope none of them show up at my door, and ask if I can come out and play! Wentworth Day. Reviews: Creepy. While I could predict the ending, I still grew scared.

Athruna Series Book1 Nightfall

The acting and the sound work were both very, very good. Fine, fine episode. Good one to listen to with the lights off. Grigsby I have to agree that the setup is promising and interesting, but the payoff is predictable and laden with senseless gore.

Maybe it's just me, but I've come to expect a higher standard of terror from OTR and, unfortunately, the scare tactics used in this particular episode are as cliche and commonplace as the kind you would find in a run-of-the-mill modern slasher film. This one is disappointing and predictable at best. Great element of suspense, and I didn't see the ending coming. Reviews: Fun story, but the ending can be seen a mile off. Don't expect too much from this episode and you will enjoy it.

Reviews: Expected more from this story. Fairly well-acted, but nothing new.

Reviews: A good episode that ends way too soon. It needed to be about twice as long, since it set up all sorts of cool ideas and left it dangling. Given an hour, this could have been a classic. I felt that it ended prematurely or would have been served well with a sequel. Perhaps the writers figured that you should "leave them wanting more. The idea of a camera that somehow causes the deaths of its photographic subjects for what seems to be no good reason other than the fact that this is what the thing does is a creepy one.

I think they could have done a bit more with the story myself, such as possibly explore what would happen if one of the people into whose possession it came decided to use it for their own ends? After all, how can one be charged with murder if all one did was snap a picture of their potential victim? Then there are the questions the story leaves wide open and doesn't even attempt to answer. Who exactly is the guy trying to track down the camera? Why does he want it?

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Is he trying to prevent its use or is he wanting to use it himself? How did he know who had the thing? And, possibly most important of all, how'd the thing finish up being able to do what it does? Reviews: A classic of the Nightfall set, this episode fell somewhere between mediocre and listenable. Definitely not a favorite. Worth a listen at least once. Reviews: Well done.

The Nightfall Chronicles

A very engrossing first-person narration helps to pull the listener in, although it sets up a slightly awkward postscript when the show has to pull away to third-person viewpoint in order to provide the resolution. Reviews: Okay first off, I found the sound quality of this version quite bad, but if you persevere with it you'll enjoy a "classic" peril in space adventure.

Also being a BBC production, many of the voices you hear are familiar well okay, familiar to someone from the UK. All the main characters are there, and the plot is essentially what you already know. Obviously some plot detail has been chopped to fit into the 90 minute running time, but the important bits are there. So, in summary, a good, straight-forward dramatization of a classic Arthur C Clarke tale. I'd be interested to read a review from somebody who has not read the book. When I read the book, many years ago!

I wonder if the same is true for this dramatisation? Reviews: Picture being on a tour of Scotland and coming into contact with the wizened old groundskeeper of an ancient castle whose sole purpose in life is to pass along the tales handed to him from his father. This story takes you from the front of a forgotten war all the way through the gates of Hell and back out into the mundane.

Its nightmarish scenery certainly kept my attention and I can say with confidence that the story is very far from dull.