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The former Disney darling has come a long way since her days on the set of Sonny With a Chance. After her sixth studio album, Tell Me You Love Me, was.

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The degree centrality measure finds nodes with the highest number of links to other nodes in the network. Nodes with a high degree centrality have the best connections to those around them — they might be influential, or just strategically well-placed. They form the shortest pathways of communication within the network. This is the measure that helps you find the nodes that are closest to the other nodes in a network, based on their ability to reach them.

To calculate this, the algorithm finds the shortest path between each node, then assigns each node a score based on the sum of all the paths. In information retrieval, we often use document surrogates such as abstracts to represent the knowledge contained within that content. In the context of enterprise KM, this suggests a need for metadata schema, tools, staff directories and incentives to enable and encourage explicit connections between documents and authors.

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My SNA research eventually led me to socially translucent systems and an instant messenger on steroids named Babble. Yes, even lurkers are exposed to the light of day. Babble motivates by enabling people to build social capital and manages contribution quality through peer pressure and social feedback.

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Put simply, nobody wants to lose their marbles. The concepts of network analysis and socially translucent systems are applicable far beyond the confines of text-based chat. In fact, these concepts are critical to the creation of truly useful knowledge economies and online communities. We humans are very social animals.

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But it was two events last month that prompted my current enthusiasm. Kite Network ideas developed by David Krackhardt and Valdis Krebs SNA tools such as InFlow help reveal densely connected clusters or communities of practice, and support the three most popular metrics: Activity. Sarah and Steven have the shortest paths to all others.

Background data collecting, obtained through interviewing managers and key players regarding specific needs and problems. Outlining and clarifying objectives and scope of analysis, and determining the level of reporting. Formulating hypotheses and questions.

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Developing the survey methodology and the questionnaire. Using these tools to interview the individuals in the network to identify relationships and knowledge flows. Using a mapping tool to map out the network visually. Design and implementation of actions to bring about desired changes.

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Mapping the network again after an appropriate period of time. Effective questions typically focus on a variety of factors, such as those that follow: Who knows whom and how well? How well do people know each others' knowledge and skills? Read the research. Document pdf Related Tools for Knowledge and Learning: A Guide for Development and Humanitarian Organisations This toolkit presents entry points and references to the wide range of tools and methods that have been used to facilitate improved knowledge and learning in the development and humanitarian sectors.

Successful Communication: A Toolkit for Researchers and Civil Society Organisations This handbook presents work in progress on communication tools, specifically geared towards the needs of researchers in civil society organisations. Networks and Policy Processes in International Development: a literature review We know networks matter.

However, beyond the hype, there still remains limited systematic understanding of when, why and how they function best for policy impact in international development.