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The former Disney darling has come a long way since her days on the set of Sonny With a Chance. After her sixth studio album, Tell Me You Love Me, was.

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This is not just another "Devil" book either; it's a "freedom" book!

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Within its pages you will find several tools which can be employed to pinpoint the nature of any hindrances which may need to be dealt with. This is not to say that the Devil does not get his due. It portrays the "Serpent" not as a slithering reptile, but as a creature of unparalleled beauty and cunning. It answers the question, "Can a Christian be demonized? The writer contends that one reason why Christians don't live like Jesus did is that they haven't been told they could!

The Devil Made Me Do It Too Pressing Personal Poetic Purview by Williams & Donald T.

An interesting comparison of how the Devil used the "lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life" to trap Eve is used in the account of the temptation of Jesus by the Devil. These are, once again, shown to coincide with the body, soul, and spirit. You will find hundreds of scriptures used throughout the book and you are exhorted to search out the truth for yourself then to go out and live the truth!

The "Steps to Freedom" found in Chapter XI will empower the errant Christian to get back on the path which leads to their God-given destiny.

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A very important piece to this process entails finding a partner to go through the process with you; one who will hold you accountable to scripture. Once the enemy has been evicted from God's property you and his deed has been nullified, you will find yourself serving the Lord with renewed joy and purpose!

This book undoubtedly will step on many a theologian's toe, but the writer never comes across as dogmatic or critical. Comes with some risks, so guzzle or sip. Things you do leave their tracks, lead back to you, and then bite you back ferociously. After writing The Devil Made Me Do It Too, can I expunge the painful past and with a clean slate and conscience embrace the present and enjoy the future? Better keep my eyes open, tail up poised at the ready with a venomous sting, and God by my side.

When I reflect on my baby boomer childhood and youth, I consider myself fortunate in that I was raised by loving, hardworking parents who strived to better themselves and give their four children a satisfactory life. I recall finally growing tall enough to see out of our 9th floor apartment windows and the fanciful time spent daydreaming about what it will take to someday buy one and park my cars outside. The Albany Projects of Brooklyn, NY was a tough place to grow up during the late fifties on into the sixties but love lived there and that made it home.

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Family, good neighbors, and good friends made my immediate world a basically pleasant place despite the possible dangers lying within and beyond the domain and surrounding territory of the Albany Chaplins. According to the gang members I revered but was never completely accepted by, I was College Boy, Mrs. I was the kid who could hang on the fringes of thug life until his curfew time.

I was Mr. Being half ass in things like basketball, ranking, street fighting, and school work had its merits, but my father in his circle was good with cards and I in my circle was good with dice. Somehow, I think that saved me a few butt whippings in the park but very few at home. I often stole money from my father and mother to make more money gambling and it broke their hearts until one day I acknowledged their tears of pain and I stopped.

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