Twenty-Four Years of Mondays

The former Disney darling has come a long way since her days on the set of Sonny With a Chance. After her sixth studio album, Tell Me You Love Me, was.

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Just as useful as these blood-spattered executions are the almost loving histories of how such ideas eg, that "a rising tide lifts all boats"; or what glories in the name of "Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium" got started in the first place. Zombies don't kill people; people who make zombies do.

As Quiggin explains with elegance, lucidity and deadpan humour, the undead ideas here are interconnected: killing one causes it to knock over another, in a sort of zombie-dominoes effect. Once the Efficient Markets Hypothesis is headshotted, the idea that private companies will always run things better than governments goes down too. Good luck, Royal Mail. Quiggin is also quietly angry, eg about the "Great Risk Shift" accomplished by the zombie ideology in its pomp risk was shifted from society to individuals , or the "widespread acceptance [. It's a bit like an educational version of Resident Evil , with footnotes.

Oh, hello again, Great Risk Shift: "The disempowerment of the lower classes has grown in direct proportion to the growth in the rhetoric of empowerment preached by the gurus.

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The latter is the real meat; the fragments of memoir by comparison are monochrome and eventually self-pitying, though they do culminate in the balefully satisfying image of a firm of management consultants that can't manage itself. Stewart shows how business-theory academics, as well as spiritual gurus such as Tom Peters, are "too close to the customer". The prose is blackly amusing in its implacable hostility to the pseudo-ideas it explicates "a hortatory noise — another nonfalsifiable grunt" , giving a particularly persuasive demonstration of the vacuity of "strategy" as a business term.

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